“Thank You” Letters – March 9th, 2011

Another day, another awesome thank you letter from an awesome family! It’s all in a day’s work here at Songs of Love, but as you all know, we can’t possibly do it without you. In order to bring smiles and joy to these amazing, brave children, we need your car donations and cash donations. Through these donations, we can continue to fund these musical projects and bring the healing spirit of a song to these ailing children. With that in mind, we bring you another inspiring thank you letter!

SONGS OF LOVE STAFF, my wife and i would like to take a moment to express a giant heartfelt thanks to all of you wonderful people for the fantastic work you do! We absolutely love Trapper’s song,our family members are ecstatic over it and baby trapper dances and dances when we play it. I don’t know where you find men like Mr.William Sherry, but we would like for him to know that he has brought no small amount of happiness to a very troubled family. My wife says you sir are very deserving of a huge hug-neck. Trapper has discovered that this song is saying his name, so he goes over and beats the face of our speakers and does his little trapper dance when we play it. I am e-mailing you this note and a picture of trapper, currently we are back in the hospital and he’s not doing well, but as soon as he is we’ll video trapper dancing to his song and rush it to you right away. You may use this material any way you see fit and to benefit songs of love would make us very happy. You deserve this and so much more! Again thank you and if we could help you in anyway please contact us. We’do any thing for you. Warmest regards and well wishes Preston Hayes and Family

Again, we can’t do it alone – donate a car, start a FirstGiving page – every bit of help matters!