“Thank You” Letters – February 25th, 2011

Yesterday, we mentioned out Facebook page – feel free to visit that page at any time! We offer videos and other news items with the latest developments from the Songs of Love family, including videos of the children we help reacting to the songs they have received. We are always adding new videos and links, so check it out today! This is, of course, only possible because of your unending support, with cash donations and car donations. Take a look at what your donations are doing!

Hello, my name is Ashley Scobee and my daughter is Cryslyn Hannah. We just received Cryslyn’s CD today and she absolutely loves it we have listened to it over and over and over again!!! She now believes she is someone special and is so excited that she has a song of her own! Cryslyn would also like me to tell you that she thinks you are the sweetest people ever cause you sent her this CD! I have also attached a couple of pictures of Cryslyn with her new CD, hope ya’ll enjoy them and once again thank you very, very much Steve Scheffert for making my little girl feel so special!!
Ashley Scobee &
Cryslyn Hannah

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