Videos of Love

Here are some videos that parents have sent in showing the children listening to their “songs of love”, many of them for the very first time. These scenarios are played out over and over again with each new “song of love” that is played somewhere in the world.

SOL Dance Party!

Here are some amazing kids hearing their “Songs of Love” for the first time!


6-year-old Harrison, who is being treated for liver cancer, was surprised during a car ride as his parents played his “song of love” for the first time. His reaction is priceles


3-year-old Charlie, who is being treated for heart disease, has a super priceless reaction when he hears his “song of love” for the first time! His brother joins in dancing in the background!


5-year-old Emma sat down with her sister Riley as they both listened to Emma’s “song of love”. Riley held her hand all throughout and helped her with the singing!

Dylan Baila

Dylan, de 4 años, que lucha contra la leucemia, sonríe mientras baila su “songs of love” personalizada.


10-year-old Isaiah, who has type 1 diabetes, is all moves and smiles as he listens to his “song of love” for the very first time!


21-year-old Peter who has Down Syndrome is all moves as he listens to his Hip-Hop “song of love”.

Rafael Rennell

3-year-old Rafael, who has cerebral palsy, is all smiles as he listens to his very own personalized “song of love” with his Dad for the first time.


When Brody’s parents came to visit him at the hospital they came bearing a special gift: A personalized “song of love” written just for him!

Eva Flovik

Eva Listens To Her “Song of Love”For The First Time!

Benjamin Myers

Benjamin is the best boy with his #songoflove!

Caiden Hedahi

Cai enjoying his #songoflove created by John Beltzer

Maxime Dias Da Costa

Maxime dancing to his #songoflove!

Aiyana Dillard

Aiyanna is surprised by her #songoflove

Emma Willi

Emma and her family love her #songoflove

Ruky Anighoro

We absolutely LOVE this video of Ruky dancing to his #songoflove created by Ross Orenstein!

Addison Weith

Addison with her awesome #songoflove!

Julien Martin

Julien sings along to his “Song of Love” that Alice Leon created just for him! Go Julien

Adrian Torralba

Check out Adrian reading his lyrics and getting ready to memorize them. John Beltzer created his Song of Love!

Benjamin Gartner

Ben hears his “Song of Love” For the First Time!

Sasha McCue

An amazing video showing how they requested her song and her reaction to receiving her very own #songoflove that John Beltzer created.

Drexel Romness

Drexel with his #songoflove that Carl Allocco created just for him. He just wants to keep playing it over from the beginning.

Christian Burns

Christian Burns enjoying his “song of love” that Jason Mraz wrote just for him.

Miss Alexis

Miss Alexis enjoying her “song of love” in the car that John Beltzer wrote just for her


Isaac enjoying his “song of love” that Carl Allocco made just for him while he is on the iPad.


Elayna, who is battling Wilm’s tumor, seemed to really get into her very own “song of love”.


Annie bopping to her “song of love” that Carl Allocco wrote just for her.


Katie and Brady dancing to Katie’s “song of love” that Stan Swiniarski and Jilly Martin wrote just for her.

Ariana Shapiro

Ariana loves loves her #songoflove


Myla enjoying her “song of love” that Marla Lewis created just for her.


Angella is singing her “song of love” that Thomas Jones created, to her special “friends”.


Jayden is enjoying his car ride with his “song of love” playing that Dave Kinnoin created for him.


Sophia is swinging and listening to her “song of love” that Leah Clark create for her.

Shannon Watson

Shannon is super happy with hearing her #songoflove that Carl Allocco created just for her on this car ride.

Robert Shaffer

Robert is jumping around to his #songoflove that Matthew Edewaard created just for him!