“Thank You” Letters – January 18th, 2011

Did you know that today is deemed “the most depressing day of the year” according to some studies? We hope that’s not true, but if today is bringing you down, we might have a solution. Some studies also suggest that doing something good for someone else and brightening another person’s day brings joy and a sense of well-being into your life. Why not donate a car or make a cash donation today so that we may continue to write personalized songs for sick children all over the world? Any amount will do – every bit goes towards the $250 cost per song. If you need evidence of the impact of the songs, you need look no further than the thank you letter below! We want to continue bringing smiles to these young, brave children. So get rid of the winter blahs and make a car donation or a monetary donation today!

Dear Will-
Just wanted to let you know that we received Evan’s “Song of Love” today.  We LOVED it!!!  We played it several times and Evan cracked a little smile every time it got to the part about nitrous and turbo boost.  “Play it again, mom”.  We even copied it to his little MP3 player for him.  He really did love it!  You nailed it with those lyrics.  It’s almost as if you knew Evan personally.
Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a wonderful and meaningful thing for Evan.  You are so generous to have shared your time and talent with us.  It truly was a thoughtful thing you did and we will cherish it forever!  
If your band is ever in Ocean City again, I hope to look you up, see you play, and thank you personally.
Thanks again,
Kim Nickle  (Evan’s Mom)