“Thank You” Letters – December 22nd, 2010

A “thank you” letter to Songs of Love is really a “thank you” letter to you and our selfless supporters. If you know anyone who is looking to donate a car or seeking out a charity to donate to, please let them know about Songs of Love. The more support we have, the better our chances of reaching many more children next year and for many years to come. Letters like the one below truly tell the story from the perspective of those most affected by the songs – the children themselves. Our programs, like our events and our car donation program, all go to benefit the creation and production of songs for children who really need them. With that in mind, we share with you the following letter.


Thank you so much for the best song ever, we didn’t give you much to work with, but it’s the best song ever, we just cried with joy even the boys cried, but then later started singing along. The song never gets old, and never will. I made a Slide Show to go with the song, please check it out on the blog www.thefullmerboyz.blogspot.com I have ask people to leave feedback about songs of love and how the song made them feel.It’s awsome Primary Children’s Hospital never heard of Songs of Love, but because of Lucas they do and have already told other families about the foundation.

I would love to send you a DVD of the Slide Show if you would like, just let me know what your address is.

Once again Thank You so much.
Love Lucas and Fullmer Family.