“Thank You” Letters – December 10th, 2010

We’re ending the week on a high note here at Songs of Love with our latest letter! We are also ending the year on a high note, despite what ended up being a trying year financially. Through our car donation program and the support of people like you, we will make it to another year of making healing music for children dealing with terminal illnesses. We are, however, not out of the woods quite yet. We still need as much support as we can gather. If you are considering donating a car, please contact us for more information. This will ensure that 2011 is a successful, fruitful year – hopefully, we can bring the number of children we reach per year back up to our usual and increase outreach once again! Please remember – we can’t do it alone.

Subject: Song for Kellen Walden

Good afternoon.  I wanted to share with you how absolutely delighted we are to have received your gift of song for my son, Kellen Walden.    The vocals, by Carl Allocco are incredible.  (We find ourselves humming to the tune long after the song is over). What an incredible gift this is! 
We have sent out an email introduction to our friends and family and hopefully they will be downloading and enjoying Kellen’s tune very soon.  We certainly did.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this special service.    Your Team is really utilizing their talents to make a difference!  Not only does this lift the spirits of the child, but surely puts a smile on the face of the mom’s, dad’s, big brothers etc.    
Our son, Kellen, was ten years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor on December 10, 2009.   On December 11, 2009 after a 9 hour emergency operation, a very talented surgeon and his Team removed 100% of the tumor.  Unfortunately, after the path reports came back, it was determined that it was malignant and a very very rare type.  Kellen underwent 4 rounds of chemo, and 30 cycles of proton radiation at the University of Florida in Jacksonville .  In late May, he finished his treatments;  and just today, he received the “all clear” sign from the doctor that his MRI is perfect!   It has been quite a journey but we have encountered a lot of love and compassion along the way.   Songs of Love was a huge “bright spot” for us.    
We know Kellen  will be well, and live a long and wonderful life.  Thanks for being a part of his recovery and making a difference.