Songs of Love to Include Personalized Art with Each “Song of Love” that is Sent to Ailing Kids

Since 1996, The Songs of Love Foundation has been providing studio-quality personalized songs for children and teens battling serious illnesses, including physical and emotional challenges. First was the cassette, then the CD and for many years now, the songs have been delivered loaded onto our custom USB drives. The drives have been shipped in a box with the Songs of Love logo and the child’s name on the box cover. Starting today, each box cover will have art that specifically pertains to each child’s interests that are mentioned in the lyrics of each “song of love”. Not only will each child feel the thrill of hearing their very own song written just for them, but they will be treated to a personalized visual graphic as well!
This is sure to bring even more joy to each child and we couldn’t be happier! These images are from the box covers of the very first songs that contain this new visual feature! Thanks to everyone form their support!