Songs of Love” Plays in Puerto Rico!

Songs of Love founder John Beltzer leads some of the residents of St. Germain, Puerto Rico, as they sing on the “song of love” for Carolina Torres.

Britney Vargas, a “songs of love” recipient herself, was so moved after she received her “song of love” back in 2008, that she decided to bring Songs of Love into her home town of Puerto Rico. For the past year she got busy organizing an online fundraiser through the Firstgiving program and raised over $4,000 for the Songs of Love Foundation! Britney then proceeded to organize an event in her home town of St. Germain and raised an additional $3,000! Songs of Love founder, John Beltzer, was invited to join the event at the St. Germain convention center and engaged the guests in the live recording of a “song of love” for 5-year-old cerebral palsy patient Carolina Torres.
(Listen to the song below.)

“Carolina Torres”

Pictured left to right: Fundraiser organizer Britney Vargas, Carolina Torres and John Beltzer.

This is the first official “song of love” in Puerto Rico and will be the first of many as Britney and family will be instrumental in helping the Song of Love Foundation deliver many more “songs of Love” to the children of Puerto Rico. The Songs of Love Foundation thanks Britney and the entire Vargas family for their support and wonderful hospitality!

The stage at the St. Germain, Puerto Rico, convention center is set with signs welcoming Song of Love and Britney Vargas as the Sponsor of the first “song of love” in Puerto Rico!