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Every donation you make
will now be matched up to $250,000 per year
thanks to a One Million Dollar Challenge Grant
by the Leon and Toby Cooperman Family Foundation!
Your support will instantly double which means
we will be able to reach out to many more children
with our Medicine of Music™!


Every dollar counts! THANK YOU!
Because each “song of love” is one-of-a-kind and NEVER duplicated, it costs $250 in order for a child to receive a fully produced “song of love” written and produced by our staff of talented songwriters. A donation in any amount will go towards covering the costs associated with producing the songs for the ailing children we serve. For a donation of $250, you can sponsor a “song of love” for a child and receive our custom Songs of Love USB 8GB drive pre-loaded with the child's song! We will also send the insert that goes inside the presentation package where you are credited as a sponsor, right below the lyrics. Because of the Challenge Grant, an additional child will be helped when you sponsor a “song of love”. You can also donate by phone by calling us at 800-960-SONG.

To donate by check, make check out to the Songs of Love Foundation and mail to: Songs of Love Foundation, P.O. Box 750809, Forest Hills, NY 11375

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Ways To Donate

There are 3 ways to donate. Choose below. (You may choose from more than one category.)

1. Donation Only

Any amount you give helps us administer our Medicine of Music™

2. Sponsor a Child

Sponsor one or more ‘songs of love' for these kids and receive copies of the songs with your name in the liner notes of the CD booklet! Please indicate which child or children you’d like to sponsor. ($250 per child). Thank you!
Please Choose A Child (You can choose more than one.)

3. Sponsor a songwriter stipend for $50 per songwriter.

Below are just a few of the songwriters that contribute their talents to Songs of Love. Check out our songwriters page for the entire list.

Lisa Serice

Marla Gibson

Irving Louis Lattin

Sunshine & Broccoli




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