Songs of Love $10 Mil Endowment Matching Campaign

Since 1996, the primary mission of the Songs of Love Foundation has been to bring joy, comfort, and hope to children and teenagers with serious illnesses through the power of personalized songs. Many studies have shown that music helps to promote healing for individuals facing medical, physical, or emotional challenges. The aspect of music’s healing power is dramatically enhanced in each ‘song of love’ as it includes the child’s name, their favorite people, pets, and things, and is written in their preferred genre.

As part of our commitment to this mission, we also support the arts by giving singer/songwriters a meaningful outlet to create music for a good cause, and to make them feel validated and appreciated for the talents they have been given. By working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of sick children and teenagers, while also supporting the artistic community and inspiring others to use their talents for good.

The Songs of Love Foundation is delighted to announce that a generous donor has pledged to match $5 million towards our inaugural endowment campaign. That means every dollar donated to the Songs of Love Foundation will be matched up to $5 million! This will fulfill our goal of establishing a $10 million endowment, allowing the foundation to carry out its mission in perpetuity, providing musical healing to sick children through personalized songs while continuing to provide a creative platform and a stipend to our talented singer/songwriters.

Everyone who supports the endowment campaign will be part of this symphony of love, helping the Songs of Love Foundation derive a regular income source through its endowment. The name of every legacy donor will be publicized on our web page, unless the donation is anonymous.

For those wishing to discuss planned giving through wills and trusts, please contact us. We will apply it toward the total for this campaign. You can also donate crypto by visiting; please send us a note with your donation indicating that your donation is earmarked for the endowment campaign.

Thank you for your generosity and for making a profound difference in the lives of kids who need a ‘song of love’ in their lives, and the singer/songwriters who make it happen.

Thanks to our legacy donors

Richard Pzena

Steven Einhorn

Ray Romano

Sam Martini

Karen Stirling